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Set of 4 vintage stickers. Screen printed here in the 90s with original Rugrats designs straight out of bootleg paradise


/ᐠ . 。.ᐟ\⊃━━☆゚*・ˎˊ˗
Matte vinyl
8 x 8 cm. / 3 x 3 in.


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I love stickers and am grateful to have been making and working with them for over 15 years! Each design available at GATOSHOP has been chosen and tested by me for you to enjoy (^∇^)ノ

⭐️ DURABILITY and WATERPROOF resistance are rated on the following scale:
💯 Best quality
✅ Very good quality
🆗 Good quality
❌ Not applicable

The best sticker material! It is a highly durable, thick kind of plastic that is printed and then laminated (sealed with a protective film on top). You can put these stickers anywhere– they are made to survive the apocalypse!
✴️ PVC: Another kind of vinyl plastic used for stickers, this one is slightly less durable since it's often thinner and not always laminated. PVC stickers are waterproof so they can also be put anywhere, but unless they are laminated, the print can start to scratch off with use when placed in high contact surfaces such as your phone! So either put them inside your phone case or on something that is not subject to that much friction
✴️ PAPER: The least durable of all materials, these stickers can have a lovely texture, but unless they are laminated, they are best used for journaling or just to be kept in your collection

⭐️ DIY lamination
You can protect your unlaminated PVC and paper stickers by simply covering them with a piece of tape or clear adhesive vinyl! You can also use nail polish (clear or with glitter) but be careful to do a test before you ruin your favourite sticker, since some inks can react to the varnish and melt the print off!